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“Cornerstone helps our staff understand where they are on their professional journey.”

Por que Cornerstone?

As part of the Virgin Group, Virgin Media is well known for its funky image and its array of commercial services.

Previously, Virgin Media owned three learning management systems; one for internal employees, and two for outsourced employees and its Access and Engineering community, although the latter two were only used for compliance training. Whilst the previous systems did use the Virgin Media performance strategy to guide progress, this was managed on a day-to-day basis through Excel spreadsheets. Consequently, VirginMedia wanted to acquire a learning and performance management system which:

  • All employees could use and could be managed centrally
  • Was simple to use and full of compelling content
  • Cut administration time
  • Could take advantage of internal knowledge via social learning
  • Could link performance management with overall career development

“We needed something funky, comprehensive and could cut down our administration time,” said James Iles, head of employee learning, VirginMedia. “One centrally managed system for all content would also help us track the career paths of the workforce, which was something we couldn’t do with the previous system.”

Why Cornerstone

The  Virgin  Media  team  evaluated  6-8  vendors  over a two day period, agreeing a shortlist and carrying out workshops and reference calls. After this process, the team selected Cornerstone Learning and Cornerstone Performance.

“Our end decision was driven by the question ‘what would this be like for the end-user?’” continued Iles. “Working with Cornerstone was extremely easy because we did not have to provision any IT resources for it in parallel– Cornerstone handled all of the back-end processes.” 

After signing the contract in October 09, Virgin Media carried out pilots of the Performance and Learning Cloud products, before launching formally in 2010.

Cornerstone’s products now form the basis ofIgnite, Virgin Media’s in-house learning and development system, which is the central hub forall courses, management and progression tracking.

Virgin has also partnered with various companies including ILX to provide content including PRINCE2 and ITIL training. The content is offered in a variety of formats including classroom and e-learning, and is delivered sensitively according to job function; senior executives, for example, have access to training appropriate to their rank.





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