Save the Children
“Employees are taking responsibility for their own learning as never before.”

Why Cornerstone

In 2008, Save the Children implemented Lominger's Leadership Architect® Suite, a fully integrated talent management content library that is customizable to fit any organizational culture.

They selected 37 competencies for leadership development and needed a way to bring development planning to life within the organization. Cornerstone's talent management solution integrated seamlessly with Lominger's competencies, and in 2009, Save the Children began implementing Cornerstone's Performance and Learning Management platforms to automate the performance review process and facilitate training and development for new and existing employees.

Currently, Save the Children is in the process of rolling out Cornerstone Succession to enhance its leadership pipeline and easily create succession plans to develop future leaders and map development paths years in advance of any talent gaps.

The Results

Today, Save the Children has been able to automate its talent processes and increase visibility into its workforce. Cornerstone's Performance and Learning Management platforms have led to many successes and have helped Save the Children in numerous ways, including:

A focus on leadership development. Leadership development is no longer a manual process. An integrated approach to talent management has accelerated development of the next generation of leaders for the organization. Gathering data about performance and potential enables Save the Children to conduct more accurate workforce planning.

Greater organizational alignment. Old paper forms have been eliminated, and the performance process is now fully automated. Using Cornerstone Performance to set goals gives managers and employees the ability to align their objectives to those of the organization and the flexibility to make changes as the business objectives change over the year. Performance management is no longer a once-a-year event, it is now an ongoing process.

An easier, efficient learning process. The Cornerstone LMS has been well-received by employees. They find it easy to use because of the single-sign-on capability, the ability to integrate with classroom training events and the fact that it offers self-paced courses.

Improved onboarding. New employees are required to attend a one-day orientation and a one-hour seminar each month, as well as complete select online courses. Cornerstone Onboarding enabled Save the Children to bundle this into one centralized curriculum. As a result, employees can essentially drive their own  new-hire training, and managers can better track which parts of the curriculum need to be completed.





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