Meeting Global Compliance Requirements

Cornerstone Client Success Story

“Cornerstone gives you the ability to not to fly your experts around the world but rather have them interact. It is that collaboration that I think is important.”

Meeting Global Compliance Requirements

Jolene Holten, Head of Organization Development, Global Business Payments Division, Travelex talks about Meeting Global Compliance Requirements with Cornerstone OnDemand.

About TravelEx

TravelEx trades in over 80 currencies and in 24 countries. TravelEx customers can find find them online and in over 1,100 stores, including all the major airports. TravelEx have over 850 ATMs around the world and also takes care of foreign currency services for partners including banks, supermarkets and travel agencies, extending their reach to over 100 countries and 20,000 locations.

  • Industry: Financial & Insurance
  • Users: 1000
  • Business Impact: Compliance, Enablement, Retention
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