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Software Used to Improve Customer Experience

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Software Used to Improve Customer Experience

April 12, 2016 Mike Erlin

Business owners insure their products, pay high rent costs to see more foot traffic, but investing in their employees should be company’s number one expense. A prevailing metric in the business world holds that the cost of acquiring a customer is five times greater than keeping one. Cornerstone provides an easy solution with customer experience management software that keeps employers apprised of interactions between employees and clients.

Predictive Hiring for a Better Workforce

Recognising that the success of a business typically depends heavily on its employees, owners can avoid hiring risks with Cornerstone’s Unified Talent Management software. The recruitment management system helps businesses find the best candidates through social media and applicant management as well as employee referrals. The recruiting software module provides smooth access to essential tools that manage the employee lifecycle after recruitment. Enhance the effectiveness of predictive hiring by unifying other HR software tools like onboarding, learning, performance tracking and compensation modules.

Improve Employee Interaction with a Learning Environment

Employees hold the key to retaining clients, and business owners need to make strides to improve the essential services that they provide. Predictive hiring with Cornerstone’s Selection helps companies find employees who fit well into an existing work environment. The concept of the “overwhelmed employee” attracts attention of the majority of business leaders, but few know what to do about it. One way company leaders can increase performance and share customer experience knowledge is by implementing Cornerstone Connect. Connect opens up communication between managers and employees by providing a space to share workplace successes. By publicly rewarding employees that provided terrific service, your entire workforce can see what customer interactions lead to wins. This will help employees learn from each other and motivate employees to get recognised for hard work. 

How to Improve Employee Performance

Almost every employee awaits the performance appraisal with varying degrees of trepidation, hoping for the best but fearing the worst. We offer managers a fair and efficient way to measure performance against objectives. With continuous, meaningful feedback that aligns employee activities with organisational strategy, workers receive inspiration to deliver results. If employees have gaps in skills that inhibits their success, online training software offers easy access to social LMS that transforms traditional teaching methodologies.

Putting Customer Experience Management to Work

Taking the first step to ensure that employees have a pleasant work environment can contribute to their performance as well as their longevity with a company. Achieving employee satisfaction is easier than it may seem, but it involves keeping them informed and growing within their role. With Cornerstone’s learning modules and social software employees will feel like companies are investing in them and including them in company news. Executives who keep employees informed of the company’s mission from onboarding and beyond prevent feelings of resentment in the absence of inclusion.

Teaching employees what the best customer experience looks like will help unify employees and allow them to deliver a consistent customer experiences. Achieve this consistent cutomer experience by sending required lessons to employees of common courtesies towards customers. After lessons are assigned employers can check on what the employees have learned in real time with mobile performance tracking, and then see what lessons made the largest impact with performance tracking.

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